Jamal J Franklin, or better known as $ilver Dollar as his Rap alias, is fast on his way to becoming one of Hip-Hop’s brightest stars. Born and raised in Detroit but now based in Dallas, Texas, Jamal J Franklin has built up a reputation that has seen him reign in the title of the ‘King of Hip-Hop Soul’.

This was no accident, either. With a musical palette that draws from a number of the pivotal soul icons of yesteryear, including The Temptations, The Stylistics, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston, $ilver Dollar has carved out a signature sound that blends the distinct, earthy expressiveness of Soul and R&B with modern-day Hip-Hop. He also cites Mary J. Blige and Tupac Shakur as pivotal influences on his sound, and key artists that have shaped his musical direction. Above all, it’s music written straight from the heart, carefully crafted to ensure that each note, bar, and rhyme is not only heard – but truly felt within every fiber of the listener’s existence.

$ilver Dollar has been making music now for well over two decades. Coming from a highly musically-inclined family, his natural gravitation toward the art form was met with little resistance. He was singing before he could properly talk, and it wasn’t long before he became a mainstay in his kids’ choir at church. By age 15, his musical tastes developed, and Hip-Hop pulled him closer to its beating heart. He began rapping and took up beatboxing, which both became therapeutic outlets to express his way throughout his adolescence. Unsurprisingly, he took home his fair share of wins across talent shows and even landed a $10,000 grand prize win.

Jamal is also a U.S. Army War Veteran that served during The Iraq/Afghanistan Wars from 2006-2007. During his involvement, he was invited to sing and rap in front of thousands of people at a commemorative Church event, where 200 soldiers gave their lives to God that day.

Today, that love for the art form has grown exponentially, with his mission now to touch the hearts of people across the globe, inspire the next generation, and give back to the less fortunate. To quote Jamal directly, “I want to leave a legacy on this Earth.” From each beat, bar, and rhyme, $ilver Dollar uses music to recite his truth – unveiling personal stories that span love and having fun, to club bangers and everything in between.

$ilver Dollar has released a discography of hard-hitting singles since his inception. His track ‘Boom’ went on to chart at #7 on two top Billboard Charts in 2011, and received notable remix and music video treatment. In 2013, he won the ‘KING OF THE MIC’ contest hosted by Hostile Magazine and landed first place with two gold medals at The National Veterans Competition in Washington D.C.. He’s also worked with the late super producer, Roland Smith Jr., whose expertise has been seen across countless Platinum-selling artists, including Snoop Dogg, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Scarface, and more. He has also opened up for a number of major artists, including Paul Wall, DSR (Dirty South Ridaz), Chamillionaire, and more. Check out his releases here!



Crystal’s Night Club (Arlington, TX)

Good Talent Showcase (Fort Worth, TX)

Good Talent Showcase (Tyler, TX)

Good Talent Showcase (Houston, TX)

U.S. Army Banquet (Fort Knox, KY)

Pine Bluff Convention Center Talent Showcase (Pine Bluff, AR)

Chester Hines & C-Brooks Talent Showcase (Pine Bluff, AR)

Talent Competition (Pine Bluff, AR)

Saracen Landing (Pine Bluff, AR)

Y-Not’s Night Club (Pine Bluff, AR)

SEARK College (Pine Bluff, AR)

UAPB College (Pine Bluff, AR)

Elevations (Little Rock, AR)

Texas Artist Movement (Little Rock, AR)

Texas Artist Movement (Killen, TX)

Texas Artist Movement (Dallas, TX)

The Art Institute of Dallas (Dallas, TX)

Dallas Music Conference (Dallas, TX)

Beamers Night Club (Dallas, TX)

Fat Daddy’s Sports & Spirits Café (Mansfield, TX)

South Side Music Hall (Dallas, TX)

Hostile Magazine Competition (Los Angeles, CA)

Sucker Free Sunday At Regional Park (Pine Bluff, AR)

Taste of The Islands (Dallas, TX)

National Veterans Creative Arts Competition (Washington, DC)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (Dallas, TX)

Dub Tour Auto Show (New York, NY)

Econo Lodge (Arlington, TX)

Smack’Em Radio Event  (Jersey City, NJ)

Desert Storm Radio Event (New York, NY)